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Premium Awnings

When it comes to shade, our retractable awnings range offer the optimum cover, with a wide variety of cassette colours alongside a host of fabric patterns. Each unit is built bespoke to your requirements, using only the very best in quality materials, assisted with precision engineering, to create a robust shade solution that's unique to you. 



Our iconic range if awnings are manufactured with the UK from a manufacturer that boasts over 100 years’ experience with the design and build of awnings. These originated from traditional wooden box awnings to modern cassette awnings, with both the option of manual or automated retraction. We offer a selection of 3 cassettes dependant on your size requirement using a premium finish aluminium for a quality finish, structural integrity and longevity. 


We offer a selection of prestigious fabrics available in over 120 colours, from one complete colour to a patterned finish. This enables you to customise the awning in keeping with its placement and surroundings. These fabrics are attached internally to the cassette and retract seamlessly by use of aluminium folding arms, creating shade shelter or a combination of both, to its set location. 



Our range of awnings come with a variety of additional extras, including front valances to increase the shade coverage. We also offer the integration of LED Lighting, inserted within the folding arms creating an ambient glow from under the awning. Looking for something more? We can apply a range of additional options from heating systems to incorporating logos when utilised for business purposes, just ask and we will happily comply to your requests. 


  • 3 Variants of Cassette

  • 2 Standard Cassette Colours

  • Corrosion Resistant

  • Unique RAL Colour Available as Options

  • 120 Fabric Colours to Choose

  • Manual or Electric Retraction

  • Pitch Range 6-75 Degrees

  • Wind Class 2

  • Minimum Size 2m x 1.5m

  • Maximum Size 6m x 4m

  • For further information call us on 0330 053 4080



Our friendly team of project advisors are on hand to assist with your every needs. Enquire today to find out more...

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