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Utilising your outdoor space can actually generate your business additional income as well as creating a more comforting experience for your clients.

Are you risking income opportunity?

In many cases, businesses within the hospitality sector, rely on good weather to encourage footfall, utilising the venues outdoor space to accommodate their patrons, making the potential revenue, to be determined by the unpredictability of British weather, versus the maximum capacity of the venue. 


Doing the numbers...

A reassuring way to minimise the risk against weather or capacity related, loss of potential income, is to extend the premises, adding functional space that can be utilised throughout the year. An economical way to achieve this is by utilising your existing outdoor space and applying a shade and shelter solution such as an enclosed Veranda. A standard enclosed Veranda cost £18350* creating 32 square meters of functional space. This space can be maximised for capacity, however taking into considering comfort and convenience, this easily house 4 tables for 4-6 patrons. With an average spend of £15-£20 per person based on the lower figures, this space can generate an additional £240 of potential income, with the space at capacity. Using this potential income figure and assuming capacity once a night for 6 months of the year, the potential income amounts to £43800**, thus turning a potential income into a business investment. It is certainly worth applying this theory to your individual business to see if you can earn more from your space.


Adding to the experience...

The hospitality industry is highly competitive, making the need for positive feedback and repeat custom, high on priority. Adding shade and/or shelter to your outdoor space, adds to the visitor’s experience, creating comfort in all weather conditions. 


What do APPS Canopies do different?

Our approach to business is personal, we like to talk, discussing your requirements, options, restrictions and offering advice on which product is most suited. Our aim is to offer the right solution over gaining the sale, with a strict ethos of only providing a product that suits the requirements of our clients. A consultation can take up 15 minutes if you have estimated sized. Based on the outcome of the consultation, should a quote be requested, we aim to send a full written quotation with 24 hours. Book a call today, 15 mins could be your answer to additional revenue. 


*standard veranda based 8000mm x 4000mm, featuring tinted polycarbonate panelled roof, 2 x 4000mm tinted polycarbonate side walls, 2 x 4000mm sliding glass doors.

**(4 tables x 4 patrons x £15 per head) £240 x 182.5 days = £43800. 

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