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April Showers Bring May Flowers...


Sustainable outdoor living…

Take the organic approach to caring for plants, shrubs, veggie patch and trees, providing them with rich natural water, free of additives. 

Reducing water consumption equals reducing your water supply costs, with many water companies throughout UK, encouraging water reduction, offering various tips on ways to reduce. A modern way to reduce consumption is harvesting rainwater and utilising this within your home and garden, but how effective can this be?

An average Veranda spanning 4 meters in length versus a 3 meter projection, offers 12 square meters of roof space. Collecting water within the gutter system and feeding it via downpipe, into a water butt, provides an abundance of natural water, to keep your plants thirst at bay, whilst minimising your water consumption, in turn reducing your water bill.


But that’s not all…

A Veranda system adds functionality to your outdoor space, enabling you to enjoy the natural elements under the protection of shade and shelter, for the ultimate outdoor comfort. We work closely with our clients to establish their individual requirements, creating a shelter system that adds to the practicality and aesthetics of their outdoor space.


The luxury of sustainability…

We are proud Brand Partners of Morvelle, the UK’s leading manufacturer in premium outdoor structures, including Verandas and Free-Standing Structures alongside the Brand-New Bioclimatic Pergola, featuring a rotating multi-louvered roof, allowing for natural sunlight and airflow to seep in. The entire Morvelle range comes standard with a market leading 10-year manufacturer’s warranty, gifting all the peace of mind required, to enjoy outdoor living for many years to come.


Can I connect a water but to my Veranda?

Yes, a water butt can be added to your Veranda at point of order and/or retrofitted at a later date, to your existing structure. Our preferred water butt is a Rainwater Terrace, a modular system that can be configured to enhance any space. To find out more about this multi-award winning modular water butt, accessories, planters and drip irrigation kits, please visit:

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